Rotary & Relocating to India

One of the Co-founders of our company attempted to relocate to India from the US. They had dreams of enjoying so many things like festivals, temple visits, art & culture, family functions and the associated menu etc. When they finally landed, after many familiarization visits, my friend’s wife started complaining about dust, noise, nosey servant-maid etc. I asked her if she is looking for what she wanted to enjoy in India or what she used to enjoy in the US. Many times people make choice between two, but want them both.

Coming from the Corporate World, I was surrounded by Eng-MBAs. I joined Rotary to expand my friends circle with a “good” “sprinkling” of businessmen, auditors, lawyers, builders, doctors etc. In the first couple of years in Rotary, I found a few things not conforming to the conventional “best practices”. I was wondering if I made wrong judgement in joining Rotary. Conceited thoughts like “Does the Rotary deserve me?” crept thru my mind. But soon wisdom dawned and I reminded myself that I joined Rotary to look for things that the structured corporate world does not offer. Then I saw a whole new world of beautiful things in Rotary:

1. Rotarians are caring, showing a lot more warmth than I could ever .
2. Projects were executed through love & compassion and not just through systems & processes.
3. The whole system was running beautifully with no role power for the various positions.
4. Rotary gives as much as you take and takes as much as you give.
So, your disappointment and indignation are misplaced. Ask yourself, “What did I come to Rotary for? Am I pursuing it or getting distracted”. Honest answers to such questions hold the key to your happiness in Rotary and vice-versa.


2 thoughts on “Rotary & Relocating to India

  1. I like that this is advocating for constructive reactions to life. I’m not sure I understand the analogy with the person who moved to India (nice use of singular “They”). Perhaps if you described the challenges you faced in Rotary that evoked aversive responses I would understand. Would that undermine the positivity of the piece? Moving to India is difficult for a Westerner. Such culture shock! Such boundary rearrangement! Whereas the barriers you confront seem to be primarily internal — your egotistical nature. Apples and floppy disks.


    1. Context was Rotary and a PIO relocating to India was used for analogy. Once more, a brilliantly talented lady like you:-) was getting disllusioned. No one knew I was grappling with PD sin ce I was 47.That makes out 14 yrs now.


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