Prose & Poetry

The blog is dedicated to The Brilliant creator Indu and I take this opportunity to get a back door approval from the great man for dedicating his part of the mail to a beautiful Namboodhri girl! I did not want to spoil the beauty of the bachelor boy’s flow with my literature there. Consider the flg for a contrast:
1. Narration Vs Story telling
2. Clinical/Precise/Prosaic Vs Poetic
3. Humour opportunity almost fully searched, exploited and exhausted Vs Humour blossoms and the fragrance is left behind giving the illusion that there is still humour left in the situation. Oh! The Cheshire cat Syndrome is still haunting me.
4. But most of you can pick a lesson or two from me (not Indu) in précis writing, a skill I started developing from the Akshara-abhyasa day and the learning and practice will go on until my dying days. I am such a congenital hater of writing! I’ll write another day 3 incidents which helped my hapless parents realize who their problem child is.


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