My biggest Perk

Sometime in early 98, I was waiting to interview a candidate with one of the weirdest names. The name gave no clue as to the country or region he hailed from nor did it give any indication as to the intense role he was going to play in my life. When the man walked in, half the mystery was over and the rest of it got unraveled when he started speaking. The accent screamed of his Madurai roots, to which he stuck right through.
What started as a boss-subordinate relationship, blossomed into a wonderful friendship, facilitated by the common almamator, where we had not met (I was 3yrs his senior), making us the unlikely partners in TT, Snooker, Golf, Carrom, Rotary, stag outings, old temple visits in Chennai etc. He had a fantastic Carrom board which is in my house since the past 5yrs. I have decided to keep it in his memory.
Perk’s perpetual happy countenance belies the unbelievingly challenging childhood he had been through. One quality of his that I admire most and I believe is the reason for his success in life, is he didn’t carry the bitterness of his early schooldays with him.
A quintessential Rotarian, Perk was caring and effusing warmth and enthusiasm that was infectious. He believed in sensitive implementation than clinical execution of projects. Perk’s default response to any request is YES and this quality endeared him to many.
While he strove hard to be at peace with the world I thought he seldom was at peace with himself. But a great calm enveloped him while he was with his friends and particularly with his RECT friends.
Perk, when you have something to do, you would do that with me and when you have nothing to do you would still do that with me. There cannot be another Perk in my life and I already feel a big vacuum inside. Perk, you are the biggest Perk of my life.
Perk, my friend, you have done a lot for your friends, your family and the Society. Now you may and you should rest in Peace.


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